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Practices: Players should be fully dressed with water bottle filled 5 minutes prior to practice so the coaches can come in to discuss the practice plan.

Games: Players should arrive 45 minutes before schedule game time. They will have a short warm up, get dressed, and be fully dressed and ready for the coaches to enter the locker room 10 minutes early.


If anyone is interested in hooking up their phone to the speaker and playing music prior to and during games please let me know! The girls love to have music played during warm ups.


Parent Duty Schedule

Game Date and Time Running Time Clock-Home games Score Book-Away Games Penalty Box
10/27/17 Elk River ----------------- Boe
11/5/17 Forest Lake Paul R. -------------------------- Char W.
11/12/17 Elk River 6:30pm @ Home Bischoff --------------------------- Fredericks
11/14/17 Buffalo 6:35pm @ Home Maida --------------------------- Burian
11/25/17 Champlin/CR 6:40pm @ Coon Rapids ----------------------------- Vandover Ruis
11/26/17 N. Wright Cty @ Home 1:50pm Hazlett --------------------------- Kocherer
12/06/17 Andover 7:45p @ Home Mogren --------------------------- Boe
12/09/17 Buffalo @ Buffalo 3:15pm --------------------------- Roth Bischoff
12/10/17 Coon Rapids 6:35pm @ Home Fredericks ---------------------- Maida
12/11/17 Blaine/SLP @ SR7 6:50pm --------------------------- Burian Vandover
12/16/17 Blaine/SLP @ 2:30pm HOME Ruis ----------------- Hazlett
12/17 A/R 7:45pm @ Rogers ------------------------- Kocherer Mogren
12/30/17 Centennial @ 3:00pm HOME Boe -------------------------- Roth
1/10/18 Andover 6:40pm @Andover ------------------------- Bischoff Fredericks
1/22/18 Anoka/Rogers 6:10pm @ Home Vandover ---------------------- Boe
1/28/18 N. Wright Cty 1:45pm @ St. Michael -------------------------- Maida Kocherer
2/1/18 Centennial 7:40pm @ SR 3 -------------------------- Vandover Ruis
2/2/18 ER 7:40pm @ ER ------------------------ Hazlett Kocherer

Jason Hall

Head Coach

Todd Frederick

Assistant Coach

Tony Loftus

Head Coach

Mike Maida

Assistant Coach

Cassie Casey


Phone: 763.260.0052

Kevin Burian

Assistant Coach

Steve Prosser

Assistant Coach