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Coaches Corner

Concussion Training needs to be completed by October 15th, 2017

Background Screening

Needed every two years, if you did this last year you don't need to do this again this year.

Make sure you click the "Coaches" button on the screening information page.

Download USA Hockey Rulebook today

USA Hockey is proud to announce the release of the mobile USA Hockey Rulebook Application. This feature is available free of charge to everyone and provides instant access to 2013-17 Rulebook and Casebook content from any location with WiFi or mobile connectivity.


The rulebook application is available at:



·         Supported on iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices and available for use through computer web browser

·         One touch, screen icon launch from your tablet or phone. Launch icon is downloadable from the app home-screen (you will receive a prompt)

·         Rulebook Section menu selection for navigation

·         Collapsible/Expandable playing rule content (initiates as collapsed on phone & expanded on tablet)

·         Highlighted (blue-lighted) key-terms that display definitions when “tapped”

·         Quick link to Playing Rule Casebook Situations (Q & A)

·         Quick link to Video examples of playing rule infractions

·         Video display of USA Hockey Officials Signals

·         Search feature to find specific Playing Rules and Casebook situations


Additional features in development.

HDC - Hockey Development Committee